Arturas Jendovickis – AJ – Freedom Fighter Street part 2016

 I’m happy to present you my latest video project which I’ve been working on for the last couple years. Filmed in UK, Spain, France and Lithuania.

The name – Freedom fighter – means fighting for freedom and doing what you love.

As I got older I was constantly feeling pressure from a lot of people around me to be “normal” and become part of the “real world”. Having creative mind and thinking differently is tough. Moreover feeling outsider and not belonging anywhere often makes you want to give up. I often felt this way in the past, but thanks to Tim Hoad and Adam Wood I kept on going. I’d like to thank you both not only for supporting me with products and going on trips, but also for believing in me and giving advice on what it takes to make it in this world. This means a lot to me and I’m sure I will do the same to somebody like myself later on.

I know I’m not the only one feeling this way, hope this video will inspire you to follow your path and most importantly be your true self!


Video filmed by:

Gytis Bliuvas, Martinas Agafonovas, Laurynas Levickas, Klavs Laivenieks and Alanas Gurinas.


Additional filming by Normen Luzinsky and Bryce Campbell


Thanks to Tim at King Apparel, Adam and Jane at I-five distribution for all the help and support.


Music by – MC Messiah – Robo Porno