“A Private Cityscape” exhibition at Vilnius photography gallery

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© Greta Skaraitienė

Artūras Jendovickis’ exhibition “A Private Cityscape” was launched at Vilnius Photography Gallery (Stiklių str. / Didžioji str. 19) on 12 November, 5.30pm.

Rarely do we think how big of an influence do the people, things, emotions and environment that surround us have. The space in which a person grows shapes them with time, can direct them towards one direction or another. And what about the view from our window? Our home or work places and that which we see looking out the window in one way or another affect one’s emotional and psychological states, their wellbeing and life. Precisely this wish to understand the effect a window’s view can have on a person was the primary motive for the topic.

As all the attention meant to be focused on the view from the window, people do not appear in the photographs. However, the viewer is given the opportunity to construct his own image of a person living or working there by using the visible interior details and keywords in the titles of the photographs, and in this way look out the window with that person’s, their own or the author’s eyes.

The photography project “A Private Cityscape” gives the public a glimpse into the windows of private apartments, past and present power structures, educational institutions, and see the city of Vilnius from a new perspective.

Artūras Jendovickis (b. 1988) graduated from Vilnius College of Design in 2018 with a degree in “Photography and Media”. In 2016, the artist’s works were selected among the best architecture shots in the “Sony World Photography Awards” competition. In 2018, A. Jendovickis won 3rd place in the contest “Debut” organised by the Lithuanian Photographers Association.

If you would like to purchase artist’s work please contact the gallery or the artist.

The exhibition will run until the 7th of December.

The exhibition is partly funded by the Lithuanian Council for Culture

Photos from the opening of exhibition:




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